Adobe Illustrator Drawings

In my free time, I like to practice and develop my design skills in different areas as I think that today in Graphic Design is is becoming evermore important to be a well rounded designer who has knowledge in more than just one area of design. Therefore, I have tried and the course that I take at Arts University Bournemouth focuses very much on giving us a well rounded experience and practice of different areas of design. I think that this gives us an insight into the differing design processes and approaches to different areas of design and really allows us to be able to see which branch of Graphic Design we would like to enter in our future careers.

One of the areas that I decided to practice was my Adobe Illustrator skills, particularly using the pen tool to create flat illustrations. In my Graphic Design study at A Level, I had been researching and completing artist copies of Airside. I greatly enjoyed working in this style and so decided to continue creating designs of my own in this style. I decided on some photographs which I wished to transform into the Airside style. My 3 designs are displayed below:

Don't Stop Album Cover 2


Shawn Mendes




Airside Design Studio

Airside was a design studio founded by by Alex Maclean, Nat Hunter and Fred Deakin in 1998 and closed in 2012. Some of their most famous work was completed for Lemon Jelly who were a music duo from the UK creating electronic sound. Airside designed all the promotional material for them. They formed a very recognisable style which was bold and colourful. The agency was a “cross-platform design agency that worked in moving image, graphic design, illustration, and digital and real world interaction.”

Some examples of their work are displayed below and the style of the images is very evident which made their work very well known:





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