Sketch Practice

In the field of Graphic Design, it is very important to be able to communicate your ideas well to others. Graphic Design is all about transferring a message often through visuals to encourage change in someones behaviour, opinions or beliefs etc. There are many different ways that you as a Graphic Designer can influence your user.

In order to communicate ideas well, I think it is important to be able to communicate through drawing. In initial stages of a brief, rough sketching can be very important for generating ideas and creating the building blocks for the basis of a projects direction.

Therefore, over the summer I wanted to practice my drawing skills and so I started a sketchbook and used a step by step book teaching you how to draw specific objects. After completing a number of these, I began to practice drawing a few of my own ideas and added watercolour and fineliner to these in order to bring in new media and colour to my sketches.

Some sketches from my book can be found below:



466 copy7 copy4 copy 25 copy71257 copy 24 copy3108911


From interning at a local Graphic Design company, I found out that drawing skills and having a sketchbook is something that they really look for in an applicant and this is a very important aspect of their decision process in whether someone gets the job. They like to see how you take your passion for design and do more than just study it for a degree. Being able to show that you will go the extra mile or use your skills in design for something outside of your studies is a very attractive quality when applying for a job.


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