Clean Streets Process


The challenge

Design a series of city landscapes using a flat design style of particular locations including: a hotel, office and recycling centre for Westminster City Councils’ Clean Streets. My designs then went on to be made into an animation which was uploaded onto their YouTube channel to inform and advertise their service to their consumers.

This project was completed during my Internship at Toast Design, in 2015. I have spent 8 weeks over 2 summers working at Toast Design.

For this particular project, I was working for another designer within the agency who took my visuals and made them into an animation.

I began visualising by looking for images of existing features of hotel and office buildings to reference. Therefore, I could add features to help the audience identify the building easily.









I really enjoyed my experience at Toast Design and believe that it was a very valuable experience for understanding more about the processes used for real life briefs and the constraints that you need to work to to keep on brand. I was also able to learn new skills along the way such as beginning to learn to code HTML and CSS as I started to produce a portfolio website.

The final video that was produced using my visuals is shown below:

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