Learning HTML & CSS

One assignment during my Second year of Graphic Design study, we were required to code our own portfolio websites using HTML and CSS. Previously, I had completed a bit of training on using HTML and CSS during my summer Internship at Toast Design in 2016.

I had used Code Academy which has a number of lessons and exercises to complete which helps you to learn how to construct the code for a webpage and how to use tags. It gives you a summary of all the key information at the end of each section which I found very helpful for developing my understanding.


To visit the Code Academy website follow this link:


This summer, I have been attempting to develop my skills in HTML and CSS further.I began reading “HTML and CSS – Design and Build Websites” written by Jon Duckett which helped me to understand the tags and different ways of adding features to a website. It was really easy to follow and understand so I was able to apply things that I had learnt and progress through the book comfortably.

I decided that I wanted to make my website responsive so that it would format to the correct dimensions for the particular screen size it was displaying onto. To apply this, I looked at the session on Code Academy which took you through step by step how you can make text and image proportional.

The main thing I took away from this lesson, was to use em’s and rem’s for text sizing and percentages for images/ media.

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