The challenge

Choose a theme/ subject for a particular piece of propaganda and explore how it was used. Then deconstruct your findings and show in a visual form.

I chose to study the Scottish Independence Referendum which was held in 2014 as it was a very significant moment for the history of Scotland and its future. During the campaigning, the use of propaganda by the media was an influential factor in changing/ leaning support in favor of the “No” vote.

I decided to create a series of posters to form part of a protest campaign in support of the Yes campaign. I aimed to convey the manipulation by the media to hold bias views in favour of the No campaign through “scaremongering”. I aimed to display this concept through the symbolism of a magnet which acts as the controlling figure, with the relation of the North and South ends of the magnet to represent the divide between the North and South of the UK.

Context/ Relevance

More recently, the leader of the Scottish Referendum campaign, Nicola Sturgeon has been working towards another Independence Referendum. In the context of today, I would see the posters being used to make people more aware of the bias of the media in the previous Referendum, to encourage them to be better informed in a subsequent Referendum.

I think it is important to make people aware of the importance of not believing everything you hear and completing your own research and fact checking to ensure that you can make well informed decisions rather than letting someone else telling you what you should do.

I would imagine the campaign being used to encourage people to change the way that they interact with political campaigns and to stop media channels from controlling our actions.

Initial Idea Generation

Manipulation BrainstormManipulation 1Manipulation 2


Magnet 1Magnet 2Magnet 3Magnet 4Magnet 5Magnet 6Magnet 7Magnet 8

Print8th expPrintPrintPrint

Final Posters



Social Media


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