Summer Graphic Design Internship

Internships are about taking the lessons you have learnt in your education and applying it to real life briefs. Internships are a great addition to your CV and prove that you are dedicated to achieving your goal of being employed as a Graphic Designer.

Last summer, I had been working as an intern at a Graphic Design agency called Toast Design, working on live briefs for a few of their clients and their company.

This experience has taught me the dynamics and interactions between client and designer. It has helped me to understand how to communicate with your client and the importance of keeping your client happy and updated with the progress of their project. This internship has also improved my design confidence as I took part in live projects such as  for Westminster City Council Clean Streets. Being able to talk through briefs and ideas with colleagues helps me to develop the skills needed to communicate with the other members of the company.

While at Toast Design, I completed Hubspot Inbound Marketing training which I passed. This gave me insight into the ways that you can optimise the marketing of your business to improve interactions by potential customers/ customers with the business and how to create leads by finding what qualities your buyers have.

Overall, the biggest thing that I have learnt over the whole experience is that having a broad range of skills is very important to employers and having an understanding of HTML is a massive advantage when finding a graphic design job.

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